Question about a 3x2 Repeated Measures ANOVA

Hello :),

There is a fairly straightforward problem I am struggling with for a while now, and it would be really cool if someone could tell me if I am thinking in the right direction.

I am trying to determine whether or not there is a home advantage (position in home races is significantly higher or lower than average position) in Formula One racing. Below you can see the first four entries of my data-set out of 600 total. (In my data-set RC HOME and Q AUS are next to each other, I broke them off for an easier to read image.)

RDAVG stands for Race, Driver, Average (average position for one driver over one season).
RCAVG stands for Race, Constructor, Average (same, but for a team, e.g. Mercedes, consisting of two drivers. So in this case the average of Hamilton and Rosberg combined).
RDHOME is the position in which the driver finished in his home race that season.
RCHOME is the average position in which both drivers of the same team finished that season.
QUALITY: Every season drivers are split into three categories: front, mid, and rear to differentiate driver quality. E.g. In a season where 21 drivers competed, the 7 drivers that finished highest in the championship will be front, the second 7 will be mid and the last 7 will be rear.

I came up with three hypothesis I'd like to test, being:
- Hypothesis 1 – Home advantage exists within Formula One.
- Hypothesis 2 – Home advantage is stronger during qualifying than during the race.
- Hypothesis 3 – Home advantage is stronger for drivers/teams of higher quality.​

I believe I can use a 3x2 Repeated Measures ANOVA in SPSS to test all three hypothesis at once.
H1 - Main effect location (home vs away)
H2 - Interaction between location and segment (race/qualify)
H3 - Interaction between location and driver quality​

Could someone please tell me if I am right in this assumption, and if I am, how I can enter this correctly into SPSS. I know where to find the test (Analyze > General Linear Model > Repeated Measures) but after this it gets very fuzzy for me. Any insights for my problem will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!