Question about Methodology

Hi everyone! I'm new here, and wanted some advice on a methodology I'm using for a study of mine. Due to some confidentiality requirements, I can't go into specifics, so I hope you'll bear with me as I explain this in a dessert-themed analogy.

Let's say I'm studying cake recipes, and I'm looking at several different several different ingredients in a recipe (variables include Eggs, Sugar, Salt, Baking Powder, etc, coded as 0 for absent and 1 for present). There is also a variable for the type of cake being made (cupcake, bundt cake, etc, each coded with a unique number). I also have Success as a variable, with 0 being that the cake did not bake correctly, and 1 being that it did bake correctly. I want to analyze which ingredients most significantly affected outcomes of success. So far I've been using one way ANOVAs for Success with each variable as a factor. Is this correct, or is there a better analysis I could be using? Note that for the ingredient variables, they are not all completely independent of each other (for example, Baking Powder is more effective with Salt as an ingredient).

Since you're working with binary data, it would be more suitable to use logistic regression or discriminant function analysis. An ANOVA is used for continuous data.
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If variables are associated with each other (correlated), you may also want to examine Variance inflation Factors (VIF).