Question on Ph.D. Proposal completion.


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Hello everyone...

I am a Statistics Ph.D. student at an Indian University. I am mostly in the final stages of my research period. I am posting this to get some advice from you all.
Before starting my Ph.D. I submitted a proposal. However I did not answer all my research questions, at some middle point, I diverted to another new topic and developed new methods which were not written in my proposal.

My question is: Do I need to answer all my research questions written in my proposal even though If I have done substantial works beyond my proposal?

Thank you very much for your kind attention.
Hi Arun, I am also PhD student although in biotech, my PhD is also at the submission stage. According to my knowledge, the synopsis u are submitting,i.e the work committed by you should be completed first, then you can go for additional (non committed) one.


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Did you defend your prospectus already (defense of idea)? If so, in most structured programs you would need to get permission from your committee to change any aims or probably even add new aims. You may be able to just get your dissertation committee chair sign-off, or all group members individually, or may need to defend your prospectus all over again. Regardless you should be continuously working with your chair and they should be notified, so they can let you know how to proceed.


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This question cannot really be answered here as the answer will differ from institution to institution (and massively from country to country). You really need to get advice from your supervisor and or HDR coordinator. Any advice given here may lead you to believe something that is completely false in your institution.


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My phd is in public administration. My final project was signficantly different than the initial proposal, because it turned out much of what was supposed to be true was not. My committe had no major problems with that. The answer to your question depends on your committe views. There really is no way for someone outside that committe to answser this question.