Question on statistical method

I have a data set (attached) that I am trying to analyze, specifically I am trying to determine if the independent variables 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 is associated with the influence of dependent variable 1.

In the spreadsheet -
Green cells contain information
Blue cells are demographic information (categorical)
Gray cells are dates
Pink cells are linear data (0-1000s)
Yellow cells are binary (occurred vs not occurred)

The issue is that the occurrences of 2-8 happen at different dates. Variable 1 can occur independently of 2-8 or at the same time. And the data ranges over 6 years or so. What makes it more difficult is that each patient in the analysis has data from different periods over the date range and all of them have different total number of data occurrences. IE - patient one has five values in variable 1 while patient two has ten.

My mentor wants to utilize a logistic regression analysis to change variable 1 to pos or neg depending on if the actual value is above a predetermined level (say 100), forget the date and pool all the data as if it was one set. Im not sure if this is best way to describe the data in the manner I wanted to from the beginning.

Ive been racking my brain trying to figure something quick and easy out, any thoughts out there would be greatly appreciated! Thanks