Question regarding methodology for Master dissertation

Hey guys, I am a MSc Master student and am just about to write my final dissertation. Unfortunately I am a little bit unconfident with the operationalisation I thought of is 'good' in statistical terms. Would really appreciate your suggestions/help.

So I found a paper that researched the influence of the construct 'online flow' on brand experience and loyalty (Shim, S. I., Forsythe, S., & Kwon, W. S. (2015). Impact of online flow on brand experience and loyalty. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 16(1), 56.).
I thought the concepts were quite interesting and wanted to apply this to luxury brands as well as expanding this model with the variable trust as I found evidence that online flow and brand experience both positively affect brand trust.
Attached you can find the first model. I know that this is a quite simple one and I could test it using a simple regression but do you have any suggestions or ideas how to make it a little bit 'advanced'? Do you think it is an appropriate model for a master's dissertation?
I am a little bit overstrained.
Maybe I could also test if the concepts influence the attitudes towards the brand? Thank you so much for your suggestions and help. :)