Questionnaire Data - which stats test

Hi All,

i need some quick stats advice for SPSS please.

I have questionnaire responses from several thousand individuals. An example of a question is: do you participate in sport an exercise in your own time (response option 1) or during working hours (response option 2)?

I would like to explore if there are difference between male and female respondents - i.e. are men more likely to exercise during the working day than women.

Which the best test to employ here?

Thanks in advance


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Focus on the beginning of the first post, where various tests are listed. Then you can look them up separately in Wikipedia or an introductory statistics textbook. Is there a Layman's guide? Yes: an introductory statistics textbook. One example:

Freedman, D., Pisani, R., & Purves, R. (2007). Statistics (4th ed). New York: W. W. Norton & Company.