Questionnaire description n values

I am a newbie to statistics and am trying to analyse my questionnaire while learning what 'n' etc means.

I would be most grateful if someone could tell me if the below is correct or the correct way to say it?

Sample size 90

Responses received as follows
ALWAYS 74.44% (77)
USUALLY 12.22% (11)
SOMETIMES 8.99% (8)
RARELY 4.44% (4)
NEVER 0% (0)

Question asked the respondents to indicate whether they are required to use VDUs as part of their watch keeping duties. The results show that over 74% (n=77) of the sample always use VDUs, with the lower numbers being quite some distance behind at 12.22% (n=11), 8.99%, (n=8) and 4.44% (n=4).
All of the returns showed that in no case from the sample was there never a need to use VDUs during watchkeeping.