[R] Between subjects repeated measures ANOVA help. Level: Novice.


@trinker and others:

When I asked above about where trinker saw a “repeated measurement layout” it was a real question about his interpretation of the design (and not a “confrontational” question). I thought that maybe he saw through what was going on and saw a repeated measures design or a random effect design.

Trinker suggested the “ez” R package and the book by Field. I or our library does not have access to that book. Does trinker or anybody else have any suggestions about documentation and examples of “ez” package?
Whoah forgot about this thread.

I only jumped to conclusions based on the post's title. So early on it didn't look like a repeated measures. There's a lot in this thread now for me to go back through. What indicates to you Greta that it is a repeated measures?

Sorry on the Andy Field book. I actually just purchased it as it's a good one for me to have in the arsenal. I looked around a bit for stuff on the ez package but on the cran manual's were evident to me. The examples in there aren't too bad but may be for a beginner. There's a lot of other approaches in R but this has been pretty east for me to teach to classmates just starting out over lme4 (not that I even grasp that package even 12%). I think nmle is also pretty straight forward and there are googlable texts to help with these ones.