R mapping help

Dear all,

I have to make a last minute map...my thesis is due in a few days and our
GIS lady fell ill. So i'm trying to do this in r, but I am a beginner.

I have a global dataset of dependent values (eg. rate of common cold) for
100/240 countries/offshore territories. I have a predictor variable (eg.
Human development index or HDI).
What I would like to do is colour a global map by HDI grouping (low [0-0.5],
medium[0.51-0.7], high[0.71-1.0]). So for countries that I have data for, if
it is low HDI it would be colour1, medium colour2, low colour3. For
countries with no data they will be a fourth colour (grey).

Additionally, some small island nations will be too small to be visualized.
Is there a way to manually increase the size of the colouration to be
visible on a map at the global scale?

My data is as such (where blanks are no data):

Country HDI Colds
Albania 0.42 .72
Austria 0.89
China 0 .76 .12

Could anyone direct me to some sample code and/or which package would be

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have looked at some examples, but cannot find any at the global scale.




Probably A Mammal
I'd recommend downloading QGIS. There are plenty of tutorials out there to help you get started using the software, and it'll be a lot easier importing and mapping your data than through code.