R package Ade4TkGUI

hi everybody,
please i need your help to know how to use R package Ade4TkGUI
then what is the better method for creating R package and graphic interface
please if you have any little information about this subject give your reply and it will be apprecieted. thanks;)

Mike White

TS Contributor
It would be helpful if you can give details of any specific problems you have with this package. This R package is a GUI for the ade4 package. I have not used it very much but the interface is quite easy to use. You can find some information about the ade4 package at http://pbil.univ-lyon1.fr/ADE-4/home.php?lang=eng

If I understand you correctly, your second question is about what is the best GUI for R. Well actually, R is best used as a command line program. You can write sequencies of commands as R-Scripts, like a macro, using a simple text editor or a syntax checking editor like TinnR. SPlus is a commercial program with a GUI. It is not an implementation of R but the SPlus programming language is almost the same as R.