Random sampling - field research in Bihar, India

Dear all,
I am currently doing some research in India for my studies and have question relating to sampling?
I need to interview people in those villages who have a toilet, and those people only. I would like to know how to randomly select 1 head member (Male or Female) of the households (HH).
I am doing field studies in 3 villages, each in different districts of the Bihar state.

1st village has 38 HH, 31 with toilets,
2nd village has HH over many villages, 8 with toilets,
3rd village has 50 HH, 40 with toilets.

This means I would want to interview 79 respondents all together.

I would like to interview all the HH with toilets, but how do I randomly select between the M and the F head of the HH?

Your thoughts on this would be much appreciated,
Thank you in advance.