Rank factor

Hi all,

I collected data that has been given ranking from 1 to 13 by respondent, as show below
H All,

I have a survey data as show below

Please give your ranking for the factor important for Customer Satisfaction for a Retailer. (1 being most important and 13 being least important)
Sl. Factor Rank
17.1 Cleanliness
17.2 Variety of product
17.3 Product quality
17.4 Store Atmosphere
17.5 Personnel service
17.6 Service Quality
17.7 Willingness to Resolve problem
17.8 Staff friendliness and prompt service
17.9 Sales and Promotions
17.10 Reasonable price
17.11 Good Value for money
17.12 No out-of -stock
17.13 Credit card facility
and I got the response from the respondent ranking the factor example 1 for Service Quality, 2 for product quality and so on ...

Can someone assist me on what type of test in spss i can run to find which factor out of 13 is most important for customer satisfaction


TS Contributor
Some kind of conjoint analysis would work. Maximum difference scaling is also a possible type of analysis. How to do it in SPSS, I do not know.