Ranking data on multiple topics, which test should I go for?

I have a group of 30 participants which are independent to each other. All of them completed a questionnaire of 10 questions (10 different topics). In each question, they were asked to rank their preferences towards 3 different items, with 1 being the most preferred, 3 being the least preferred. An example of the completed questionnaire looks like this (and I have 30 of these from 30 participants):

Screenshot 2022-06-22 223010.png

I intend to see which item is ranked the highest and the least for each of the topic. How can I compute these in SPSS and what test should I perform?


TS Contributor
AFAICS you should create 30 rows, one for each participant, and 10*3 columns, one for each item.
Into each cell you write an item's rank, as indicated by a participant.

You can perform a global comparison between the 3 items of a topic by using the "nonparametric"
Friedman test for dependent samples. If this is statistically significant, you can then carry out pairwise
comparisons between the 3 items of each topic, using the "nonparametric" sign test.