Rater's review of a medical resuscitation - stats question related to research Q

Hello all, thank you for taking the time to visit my post.

First, I will state outright that I have very limited knowledge in statistics and would really appreciate some guidance as to where I can go looking for more information on how to properly analyze the data that I wish to collect, which I will present below.

I work in the health field as a pediatrician. One research idea that crossed my mind was video-taping a resuscitation and trying to determine while camera angle view was best for rating a given resuscitation. As such, I would have one view from the ceiling, one from the head of the team leader, and another in the corner of the room, as a 360 camera. I would run a scenario and then ask raters to review it, using pre-defined checklists. I would already know the actual score of the scenario (I wrote it and had actors perform it), as it will be pre-defined. I would like to recruit 3 raters and have each rater analyse 1 view of the scenario, and then compare the 3 views + scores to my gold standard (written and acted scenario).

I assume this will involve some measure of inter-rater reliability. But, as for the data analysis, I am simply not sure as I have not done enough stats. Any guidance would be helpful here. And if I add more raters to view the scenarios more than once in each view, does this complicate things?

Thank you very much for your time,