Reading in a csv file into SAS

hi guys

I am trying to read in the attached csv file (in the zip folder attached)

I started with

data Adobe may;
infile "C:\Users\aimee.hart\Desktop\New Cust Marketing Channel\Adobe\Adobe may.csv"
dsd dlm = '09'x truncover lrecl = 1023 firstobs = 2;


and got the following in the log

NOTE: The infile "C:\Users\aimee.hart\Desktop\New Cust Marketing Channel\Adobe\Adobe may.csv" is:
Filename=C:\Users\aimee.hart\Desktop\New Cust Marketing Channel\Adobe\Adobe may.csv,
RECFM=V,LRECL=1023,File Size (bytes)=1640761,
Last Modified=12 October 2015 10:00:37 o'clo,
Create Time=12 October 2015 09:31:04 o'clo

NOTE: 0 records were read from the infile "C:\Users\aimee.hart\Desktop\New Cust Marketing
Channel\Adobe\Adobe may.csv".
NOTE: The data set WORK.ADOBE has 1 observations and 0 variables.
NOTE: The data set WORK.MAY has 1 observations and 0 variables.
NOTE: DATA statement used (Total process time):
real time 0.03 seconds
cpu time

What are the variations I can change in the code to read this and have orderly columns when there are blanks and 0 values in the csv sheet?

many thanks in advance:)
Your code specifies that a tab-delimited file is to be imported, whereas the file you attached is comma-delimited. Furthermore, the import code doesn’t identify any variables or their attributes whatsoever.

The code you want is as follow:
data	Test;
	infile	"C:\Users\aimee.hart\Desktop\New Cust Marketing Channel\Adobe\Test.csv"
		dsd dlm = ',' truncover missover lrecl = 255 firstobs = 2;
	input	OrderPurchaseID		:$12. 
		LastTouchChannel	:$30. 
		CustomerType		:$10.
	format	RevenuePreCartDiscount	11.2 
		CartDiscount		11.2
		ProductDiscount		11.2
		DeliveryCharges		11.2;