Real life examples for the following distributions


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Hello everyone,

Can anyone please tell me some real life examples, maybe with a bit of explanation for the following distributions: normal, exponential, student and chi-squared?

I guess this is a breeze for you but I'm stuck.

The examples can be from any domain, maybe something representative for these distributions?

Thank you for reading!


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Normal pops up a lot. You can read wikipedia for that. Exponential is useful for modeling waiting times. So if you're working a counter somewhere the time between arrivals can be thought to follow an exponential distribution. Chisquare crops up a lot if we look at contingency tables.


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You know I actually Googled and went to the library but I didn't think of using Wikipedia.
I probably wasn't able to find examples because I'm not an English speaker and I didn't know how to Google it. I tried using real life examples, daily examples and stuff.

Thank you!