Recursive Partitioning in Stata

Dear all expert,
I am going to review the survival of a group of cancer patients. I would like to explore the potential use of recursive partitioning for survival in them. I wonder how to do it in Stata? What commands etc? Can you recommend any source or book for a beginner? Thanks a lot.



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I probably won't have much helpful information for you, but just a clarification. What does your data structure look like? Are you thinking of actual survival analysis (time-to-death)? Or is it cross-sectional/retrospective data where you have variables but will not be controlling for time parameter?
Hello hlsmith,
The data is from retrospective review of medical charts. low grade lymphoma, patients had baseline assessment of a set of blood test, imaging etc, I want to determine if some could be prognostic factors in addition to the known prognostic factors.