Regression after multiple imputation

Hello every one. I want to perform simple binary logistic regression after multiple imputation but I constantly get this message and the execution of the command stops: For split file Imputation Number = 1 the dependent variable has more than two non-missing values. For logistic regression, the dependent value must assume exactly two values on the cases being processed. How can I solve this problem. Thank you in advance.


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What program are you using?

Regardless, it seems like it is telling you that in a dataset the DV takes on more than two values. Perhaps ( ., 0 ,1)?
I have a binary DV(0,1). However, after MI it has more than these two values in iterations. Moreover, I do not get pooled data for some regressions. this is the message:For at least one model, pooled estimates could not be computed because model parameters vary by imputation. IK am working with SPSS last version.


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Well I would imagine you did something wrong if you have "after MI it has more than these two values in iterations". Not familiar with MI in SPSS.