Regression analysis with moderator and multiple independent variables


I am currently in the process of analyzing my survey results for my master's thesis. I want to test whether people in transparently designed companies show less deviant behavior and whether certain personality traits moderate this relationship.
My supervisor and me agreed on testing this with a regression analysis. My dependent variable is deviance, my control variable is moral identity, my independent variable is transparency and my moderator is personality. But now I have the problem that transparency is not measured with one scale, i.e. one value, but with several individual items (e.g. material of walls, how many coworkers, etc.) and I also have 4 personality traits as moderators. I created interaction terms betwen every personality trait and every transparency item.
My question(s): am I doing the right thing if I run a regression analysis with deviance as dependent, moral identity as control, then in block 2 z score of personality trait 1 and zscores of each of the 6 transparency items and then in block 3 the 6 interaction terms between the transparncy items and personality trait 1; and then do the same thing separately for each personality trait?
2. How do I interpret a negative adjusted R Square (in Model Summary)?
3. diffrenet topic: I wanted to calculate Cronbach's Alpha for each personality trait. the questions are from a short version of the big 5 questionnaire and therefore each trait has 2 questions, of which one is reversed coded. I tried to calculate the alpha between the normal item and the reversed item (I created a new variable for that with recode into different variable), but somehow it is empty, I dont get the alpha. What am I doing wrong here?

I know it's a long post, sorry for that. I'd be very happy if you could help me! Thank you very much in advance!



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Please describe hoe you are defining "employee deviance" also is this just one employer / department or can employees be cluster into some types of groups?