Regression Analysis

Hi All,

I am new to regression analysis.

My problem:
Scenario, there are 3 sets of workers (T1, T2 and T3) that input into a project. Their data is measured in minutes. The project has an overarching timeframe in which it must be met, which is measured in days (OT). The threshold is 20 days.
All three sets of workers need to finish their jobs before project completion. So if one runs over time, the project is over time.

Here are my basic questions....
- What are IV and DV? I thought the IVs are the T1-3 and the DV was OT..... because OT was being measured during the analysis. Is this correct?
- What type of analysis would be best here? ANOVA? I ran a regression analysis using excel and it appears there is no relationship as the R-value is 0.09. Any advice here or have I made a fundamental error?

Any advice would be appreciated. I have attached the sample data and ANOVA result.

Thank you