regression for repeated cross sectional data?

hello! I have repeated cross-sectional data (different respondents asked the same questions, 4 different years that the survey was adminstered) pooled into one database into Stata. Its from the American community survey.

My dependent variable is a 0/1 outcome (have health insurance or not) and my independent variables are age, sex, education, race dummy variables, immigration status, etc.

I want to see how these independent variables affect the dependent variable for each time period (1990, 2000, 2010, 2018) as well as any trends over time.

I am not sure what type of regression to choose or how to incorporate the years.

I was thinking a logistic regression with a variable for each of the years but I am a bit new to this and not sure if this works. Appreciate any advice or articles/resources.
I have a very similar questions, you have managed to find an answer? From what I've read so far the multiple timepoints would be considered repeated measured, so a mixed effects regression model may be required, which unfortunately seems to really complicate things.