Regression Model

Question :
Exam 1 Scores, 92, 87, 91, 86, 97, 97, 94, 71, 61, 77,
Exam 2 scores, 70,83,93,87,97,97,93,87,73,87..

Create a Simple regression model, using exam 1 as the independent
variable and exam 2 the dependent variable. SPSS shows that the
regression line has the alpha weight value of 51 and b weight value of
.4. Please write down the linear equation of the regression model and
calculate the predicted values (Yhat) and error scores for each
student, and draw the regression line in a scatterplot.

I KNOW THAT Y^=51X+.4 .....but I don't know how to figure out the predicted values and error scores. Any help with this problem would be great.
You need to tell SPSS to predict Yhat, then you can see the value of Yhat in SPSS. I'm more familiar with STATA, so I don't know exactly how to do this in SPSS, but it shouldn't be too difficult.

1. run the regression model
2. predict (the command might just be "predict") Yhat
3. summarize Yhat