Relating variation of one data set to mean of another set?

Hello all. This isn't homework, but its been a few years since my stats class. I'm willing to do some legwork, I just can't remember enough to get started.

I want to perform a test for correlation between the variance of one measurement with different values of a control variable, to the mean (or variance) of another measurement under the same control variable values.

My specific problem is this: under a certain set of conditions (call them A and B), I am measuring the packet delay between two computers. I have about a million measurements for condition A, and another million for condition B. Then, I have another experiment that measures synchronization between the computers, which takes a number of packets exchanged, so it is probably related to the first experiment. The second experiment is conducted under conditions A and B, and has the same number of measurements each (about 1 million).

I want to conduct a set of tests to determine whether there is a correlation, and with what confidence. I *think* that a high variance in the first experiment will result in a higher mean of the second experiment. Can anyone suggest what tests I need to research?

Thanks in advance.


TS Contributor
can you group the data in some reasonable way, like the first 100 datapoints from the first experiment are related to the first 100 data points in the second?