Reliability and Validity


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Hi every body
am conducting an educational research, and I've been asked to use statistics in my research!!
I used a test in a pre and post periods, then compared the results with a control group!

the problem is that my supervisor asked me to talk about reliability and validity!!

Sincerly I dont knwo what do these mean!
So can I find the answer here!
thanks; Sincerly! !!!!



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These are common concepts in education research. Validity is how accurate your results are [to the conditions in the population]. Reliability is how reproducible they are - if you did the analysis a hundred times how close would each result be to some mean value is one way to think of this. You can have validity without reliability and reliability without validity. There are many many ways of measuring these....the education literature and design of experiment literature has thousands of treatments of this topic.


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FWIW, if the tested person gets 100% or 0% they are at least that smart or that ignorant, so the results in both cases are questionable.


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thanks so much for ur replies!
but Is there any software that helps me in doing themm? spss or stata sth like this!
thanks !! sorry am really a bigginer!