Repeated measures and nested design


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I need to compare groups from a repeated measures design experiment. Unfortunately I had no say in the design of the experiment.

Number of blood vessels is the variable.
There are 4 groups.
Each group contain 3 individuals.
There is a nested design involved: 3 groups share technique, 3 share material concentration, and 2 share an additional material.
There is a repeated sampling involved: Each animal was examined 4 times at regular interval.

Blood vessels change over time (I have absolute counts of each spot and vessels are lost or formed between the time points in each spot).

Is the "best" way to analyze this to do a repeated measures two way ANOVA or could I possibly fit this in a clustered design?

If I do a clustered design how I figure I'll have to use the 2 "Additional materials" as the top variables and I'd have to combine technique and concentration into one factor to use as lower level variable (or else the same low level factor would occur in more than one higher level). In this case, how would I model time?
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