Repeated measures ANOVA

Hello everyone,

I am conducting a randomized crossover study, in which patients are administered placebo and active drug in a random order on two study seperate days, respectively.
On each study day, before and after intake of medication, the blood vessel function (endothelial function) is measured and blood samples are collected. What I want to investigate is whether there is a difference in outcome measures according to treatment (placebo and active medication) and time (before and after drug intake).

1) Is repeated measures ANOVA the correct statistical analysis for such purpose?
2) When I want to investigate whether my data regarding endothelial function are normally distributed, am I supposed to plot all my data (before and after administration of active drug and placebo) or every samle (1. sample = before active drug, 2. sample = after active drug, 3. sample = before placebo, 4. sample = after placebo)?

Thanks in advance!