Repeated measures anova?

Hey guys

i am struggling to decide on the correct test I should run for the following design:

I am comparing one treatment and one control group.
Both were tested on 3 different tests (which yielded 3 separate continuous scores) on three time points.

Any suggestions?



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Agreed, given you are saying you have two treatment groups with 3 different outcome variables of interest. And outcomes were continuous and collected at three time points for each of them?

Were treatments randomized or are there baseline attributes you need to control for?
I think I should probably provide more information since it becomes a little bit more complicated:
I have 60 individuals randomly assigned to two groups: treatment and control. Each individual is tested at baseline and and time points 1 and 2 (so three time points in total).
There are two tests in each time point; the first test produces continuous scores for each of 7 distinct behaviors and the second has binary (yes/no) outcome.
Other than group, i also want to include gender, socioeconomic status (3 levels), and personality type (3 levels) as independent vars.
So, i have repeated measures with multiple dependent and independent variables, some continuous and some categorical and i am a bit lost.
Can anyone help?