repeated measures MANOVA

Does anyone know how to do a repeated measures MANOVA in SPSS v20? It has the option for repeated measures, but does not give an option for anything other than a univariate.

Everything that I am reading points to MANOVA as being the better choice (and it makes sense with my data), but I'm worried that I'll have to do the univariate since I don't have the correct version of SPSS.

Am I missing something? Anyone have an idea?
In SPSS, Analyse -> GLM -> Repeated Measures accommodates both univariate and multivariate analyses. It's just a matter of defining your within subjects factors.
Great. Thank you, helicon, I was wondering if that may have been the case but couldn't find anything to confirm this. All it says at IBM SPSS is that it can only be done with the advanced package. Thanks again for the clarification.
I just wanted to clarify something, as I have a similar design where I need to do a repeated Measures MANOVA in spss.

If I have 5 dependent variables I need to analyse in my repeated measures design, all against the same independent variable (11 levels),
do I just add 11 levels of the independent variable and then add the 5 dependents as below as "measures" ?


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ozsunnt2 - Did you figure out your problem? I have a similar one. I also have a two-way repeated measures design with five dependent variables. If you figured out how to define the variables in spss, I would really appreciate your help.