Repeated Measures - moderation / two outcomes issue

Hey folks!

By what procedure can I test whether the association between two dependent variables D1 and D2 changes as a function of within-subject multi-level independent factor (IND).

E.g.: I measure a memory test (D1) and an attention test (D2) under 5 different conditions (repeatedly) for each person (within-subject factor - IND).

The question: (how) does the IND factor change the relation between D1 and D2? Meaning D1-1 ~ D2-1, D1-2 ~ D2-2, D1-3 ~ D2-3 ... by IND level.

And also how can I test the "overall" relation between D1 and D2, keeping in mind the possible differences due to the within-subject factor?

The question: what is the overall association between D1 (5 repeated variables) and D2 (5 repeated variables) "controlling for / given" the possible differences among levels of IND within-subject factor?
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