repeated measures t-test question - Help!


I have measured various parameters (for example heart rate) in two groups (control and treated) over a time course of 45 minutes, taking samples at 5 minute intervals. I am trying to analyse the data using GraphPad Prism but have got really stuck.

What I would like to know is whether my treatment had a significant effect on heart rate following an experimental intervention, taking into account that the data points are in a time series. I thought I should do a repeated measures analysis but Prism won't let me do repeated measures one-way ANOVA as I only have 2 groups, and I don't see any options for doing a similar repeated measures analysis for 2 groups (t-test?). I don't just want to know whether the means of the 2 groups are different, I need to take into account the time points as well to compare recovery of heart rate.

Stats isn't my strong point I'm afraid but I really want to analyse my data correctly and despite trying I seem to be going in circles so I'd really appreciate any help on this. :)