Reporting ANCOVA results. - Where are Between/Within Groups dF's?

So I know it goes something like F(2,54) = 4.45, p<0,05
but where are the numbers inside the parantheses of the F?
F(between groups dF, within groups df)..
Where are these numbers on the output of the SPSS?


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Don't get me wrong. I'm sure the degrees of freedom match up - but how you are getting them probably doesn't correspond to the test that you were referring to in the original post.
Why would I get you wrong? Is it me or you who thinks you are wrong?
SPSS seems to report between and within groups of freedom as df1 and df2. It is not about corresponding, it is about the language of SPSS, format, structure. I will go with this since it has a good deal of back up if you ask me. Unless proven otherwise, this seems to be it.

Is it me or you who thinks you are wrong?
I don't think that Dason believe that he is wrong. Neither do I.

Morepil! Why dont you show us the print out so that we can conclude if it is an anova test of the equality of means or Levenes test of equality of variances?
I did an anova and an ancova to show how SPSS words df1 and df2 as between groups and within groups in anova and only df1 and df2 in ancova. I assumed b/c anova results are worded as such (df1 and df2 as between groups and within groups), ancova results could be read the same way.