Reporting GEE results

I'm working on a paper, and was struggling with how to analyze one question, and finally figured out that I needed to use GEE, ran the model, and thought I had done the hard part.

But now I can't find any resources on how I'm supposed to report my GEE results in an APA paper. Any advice? Please? I'm about to just throw a table in my paper and call it a day after spending hours trying to find the answer to this question.
I doubt reporting of GEE results is any different than reporting of other kind of estimates. Provide a table with estimated coefficients and standard errors for the model(s) that you have run. You can add some model fit statistic. Then, in the write up make a conclusion of a specific finding coming from the model, report the coefficient estimate (e.g., β = 1.5, p < 0.01), and provide an explanation of how beta impacts your outcome (e.g., a 1-point increase in X1 leads to a 1.5-point increase in Y).

Or is there anything more specific that concerns you?
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