Reporting SEM path analysis

Hello Wonderful People,
I hope you and all your loved ones are safe and well.
I would be really grateful for help with what to include in a report of a SEM path analysis for a model of the relationship between 5 factors.
All the factors were measured directly. The analysis was done using SPSS with AMOS, not by me and the person concerned is not a statistician.
I have watched lots of great, Youtube videos on how to use AMOS to make the model, but I haven't [yet] found the video showing what then gets put in the research paper. David Kenny advises: These days, one does not report the results from the steps, but rather reports the indirect effect and its confidence interval. Additionally paths a, b, c etc as well as their statistical significance (or confidence interval) are reported.
I would be so grateful for one clear worked example. If you could recommend a textbook or a journal article that gives one clear worked example I would be so grateful.
Wishing everyone a great day and looking forward to hearing from you.