Representing 16 items as one composite variable on AMOS - possible?

Hi all,

I'm currently trying to create a path analysis diagram on AMOS however my questionnaire had way too many items ( examining paranoia), which would make the diagram look confusing and cluttered.

I was wondering if there is a statistically legitimate way to amalgamate the 16 items into one composite variable ( named 'Persecutory Thoughts') by either getting the means of the 16 items or summing them or...

As you can see I'm clutching at straws, I have no idea how to do it the correct way ( if there is one). I am also unable to remove any of the items as its a standardised questionnaire and all of them are required.

So I'm waiting for that statistician in shining armour to appear with the '' a ha! you do this...'' to save me :p