Research article, study design and degree of freedom


How they did get the training trial [F(5,118) = 57.9, P = 0.0001] and training interaction [F(5,118)=0.642, P = 0.681] in this article link (below)?

I read this article but i got stuck in Behaviour results section about degree of freedom origin. I tried imagine more study design, which could eventually lead to these degree of freedom results ( 5,118; 4,85 respectively ), but I have not found it.
Could you please explain how they did, or what degree of freedom and degree freedom's formula author used to get these df1 and df2 values respectively?

I was trying use Figure 3 and Table 2 as well to get better conception, but without help.

Thanks a lot for help, patient and sorry for my English and maybe off topic problem, although i hope it is not.

article link: