Research methodlogy


I conducted experiments as part of a research which assumed a hypothesis regarding the behavior of participants using a system.
I collected data representing participants' usage information and calculated the relevant measurements to proof the hypothesis right.
The data collected represents dozens of users using the system, and the measurement are based over different cuts of the same dataset.
Since there is a single dataset and it expects to watch participants usage in a system, and doesn't intend to compare it to anything (no groups), are there any possible statistical hypothesis tests I am supposed to perform, except for the measurement that has already proved right, in order to provide an adequate statistical proof?

While you can't compare your results beyond the group you sampled, you could potentially compare groups within that sample. You haven't provided enough detail for us to really get an idea of what you did, but you might be able to compare results based on the age of the respondent or their user type or something else you asked about.