Research Presentation Help

Hello, I am stressing for an introductory business statistics class for university.
I currently have the top 200 point getters from the 2018-2019 NHL regular season data tabulated along with each players respective cap hit (or salary) for the season. I am extremely struggling to decide and describe the underlying distribution and how to exemplify that on excel. I feel more comfortable moving into the second component of doing either simple linear regression or hypothesis testing my data.

The requirements for this presentation include:
- Describe what you believe to be the nature of the underlying distribution, and
- Conduct either a regression or a hypothesis test, at a minimum. As you think might be useful, present confidence intervals, multiple regressions, non-linear regressions, or other techniques slightly more advanced than the minimum, possibly even using ANOVA if that feels worthwhile.

Essentially, if someone could please attempt to describe the distribution of what my data on NHL players cap hits ranging from 0.65 Million to 12 million would be? continuous, discrete, exponential, linear? I am extremely confused.


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I would recommend plotting the data using a histogram and posting for use to review. So cap is your target (dependent) variable?