I have one binary variable that takes answers YES/NO and one continuous variable that takes numbers 0-100. I have to find if there is a difference in an average score(continuous) between 2 groups(binary). I cannot understand what bivariate statistical test I should use. Need help.


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Hey Athanasia,

I recently posted a thread with a similar question (I'm looking for a suitable test that looks at the relationship between a binary and a continuous variable) - although I'm still waiting for some thoughts, my own research has pointed to biserial correlation, which may be what you're looking for.

Take a look at these two links:

Here's an excerpt from the first link:
The biserial correlation requires that we have one binary variable and one continuous variable... The biserial correlation is useful to evaluate the degree of association between a binary (or dichotomous) variable and a continuous variable. Its values range between -1 and 1. 0 corresponds to no association.

Hope this helps.


Actually, in hindsight, a two sample t test seems to do the same thing but in a less complex way, so it looks like t test is the most suitable option.
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