Reverse engineering investment performance correlations to apply to a new investment


I've been given some data for the relationship between investor characteristics and investment performance:

KPI | Standard coefficient | Significance
Investor has previously started their own businesses | 0.481 | 0.00
More than 20hours due diligence | 0.389 | 0.01
Investor becomes a board member | 0.333 | 0.01
Investor takes on a managerial role | -0.342 | 0.01
Investor has invested previously in this company | -0.188 | 0.07

Adj R squared is 0.44 (I think this is similar to correlation?)

If I know the whether or not each KPI is true or not for a given investor, please could you tell me if I can calculate a median expected performance for an investment, relative to the population?

The expected returns will be heavily skewed, does this affect the methodology? (the skewing is such that roughly 55% of investments will be expected to fail, 35% break even and the remaining 10% return 10 times return each)

Thank you for your help (I only have high school statistics knowledge so I think I'm out of my depth!).


Mr E