right test- need Help!

I can't find the proper test. Would you help me?
I have the date of each events (say deaths or new cancer diagnosis or hospitalization) in a fixed region (population) over 3 month in 2 different years.

Example (dd/mm/yyyy):
1.1.2018 /7.1.2018/18.1.2018/19.1.2018/30.01.2018/20.02.2018/21.02.2018 etc....

I need a graph of cumulative incidence (also weekly incidence would fit). I also need to test if incidence in jannuary 2018 is greater than in jannuary 2019. I don't know the total population but the region and population is the same in the 2 years.

How can i do this with spss?
10k Thanks


TS Contributor
You could create new variables for week, month and year of a date (extract them by using XDATE.WEEK, XDATE.MONTH, XDATE.YEAR). Maybe you have to compute additional variables for you purposes (e.g. a combination from year and month), based on that new variables.

Frequencies can be compared using one-sample Chi² test.

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