risk data

Hi, I was searching a specific data that concerns the scoring of the non transfer risk. I'm wondering if someone could help me ?
Hi Ihssanee,

I've seen your request on the other post a few weeks ago and that reminds me of my problem with the data researchs.
For the transfer risk I can help you if you want, just tell what do you need exactly ?
Hi Jhon,

Thank you for you respond, Actually I'am working on a project for estimating that risk but I need the dependent variable data to run my model.
Ok, I have actually worked on a project that needed the same data. but fortunatle the company gave us all the necessary informations :D
Ok, yeah actually I still, and I can tell you that we had all the historic since 1980 or more.
I can make an effort and search them for you but I'll need your help too ?
Ok so we're agreed here ^^. Actually I need to implement an application with VB but I have no idea about the language so if you can heelp me that will be nice of you