RM-anova: Plotting a 3-way interaction in one graph or two graphs?

I'm wondering if it's possible to plot my 3-way interaction in one graph in SPSS for my thesis.

My design is:
Dependant variable: Amount of correctly translated words
Within-subjects: valence of words (Positive/Negative/neutral)
within-subjects: time (posttraining/followUp)
Between-subjects:Condition (Positive Training/Neutral Training)

Mainly I'm interested in the three-way interaction: time x condition x valence. I already made two graphs, one valence x condition on timepoint PostTraining and one valence x condition on timepoint FollowUp. However, I'd like to plot one graph (instead of two) in which you can see my three-way interaction in one overview. Is it possible to do this (not in 3D), so that I could use it for my paper? And if so, could someone explain to me how this can be done? Or would it be a better idea to just use two graphs for my paper?

If there is anything not clear I'd be happy to elaborate.

Thanks in advance,

Hey Joppe,
Go to the Graphs Menu, Select Chart Builder, and select the Line graph there. Move your DV to the Y-Axis and Valence to the X Axis. Move Condition to the box that says Set Color. Next, select the tab that says Groups/Point ID, and check the box that says Column Panel Variable. Move Time to the Panel box that appears. It will still produce two graphs but they will be side by side, and should show that the relationships (the slopes of the lines) are different in the two graphs, indicating that the relationship with the DV changes over the level of Time.