Rookie needs help:)

I recently did a poll on our website and thought once I had the data I would be able to figure out the method to standardize it for fair comparison, but I was wrong. I'd love to see if anyone can help me with this. Even to simply point me in the right direction. The poll was to see if people who favor a major brand in one industry are likely to have an affinity to a particular brand in another. For example, do Fender guitar players favor Ford or Chevrolet in relation to the same question about Gibson guitar players. What I am trying to factor in is that the Fender votes vs the Gibson votes are 121 to 52 to start with. Of the Fender voters, they split 70 Ford to 51 Chev and on Gibson they were 25 to 27 respectively. I have 6 industries in total. This is purely for fun. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

By the way, any guitar players around here?

Edit- as I plot it out it occurs to be that the only issue may be that one has a smaller sample size- is my hunch correct? Does it matter how the total number of Fender vs Gibson turned out in any other way?
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