Salary survey. A type of ANOVA but which one?

Ok here goes. I think this is needs a type of ANOVA but not sure which.

I am designing a study to measure differences in salaries (DV) between genders in higher education. The IV being gender. But I also want to compare salaries of men and women according to their rank, length of service, productivity, work on / off campus, ethnicity, mobility, departments and a few other groups. For example do salaries differ between men and women who have worked for more than 10 years in one particular place. Or do salaries diiffer for men and women of the same rank. Do salaries differ between men and women who are the same rank but working in different departments and so on.

Any help would be appreciate
In the first instance you can use ANOVA, and ANOVA with blocking, but you might also want to think about multiple regression instead, particularly if some of variables are continuous (eg length of service ?)