sample size calculation for chi square test with more than 2 groups

Greetings everybody I'm running a sample size estimation for a study that will use chi square test of association for the qualitative comparison of four groups. I'm using G power software for the analysis but it only contains chi square "goodness of fit" or "fisher exact" comparing only 2 proportions. how can I run the test with the software or an alternative? thank you in advance.


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Bassam, I'm not going to repeat what is in the manual. But if you download the Gpower manual, everything you need is on page 16.

Thanks for your reply. On page 16 of the manual I found a plot for the Macnemar test which Im not sure how could it be of help to my dilemma since I'm not dealing with paired samples. I'm a bit of a beginner and I'd really appreciate it If you could shed some more light on the matter


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Please look in the TOC of the manual. You must have an older or newer version of the manula than me, but every thing related to your question is succintly described in the manual. If I can follow it, anyone can. Once, you have gone through that specific section and if you are still having issues, I will gladly help you out.
Believe me sir I've read the latest manual several times and watched every online tutorial there is. May be I'm slow or something but If you can help me please do I would greatly appreciate it