Sample Size Determination

n=8, mean=5096, StDev=1460, SEmean=516.19

I need a 95% confidence interval no wider than $360. What is the minimum sample size required?

I calculated this as 193, but was told I was incorrect.
The issue may be with my bound, which I calculated to be 0.0706, or 7.06%.

Using the formula n=.25(Z/B)



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Would you mind posting your solution? Threads like this that end with "don't worry - I figured it out" are pretty worthless to anybody else that stumbles across the thread looking for an answer to the question posed in the original post.
Of course! The solution to this problem is what I posted in my 1st reply.

Use the equation: (Zcrit^2 * StDev^2) / (Margin of Error^2) = n

In this instance, n = 253.