Sampling Distribution

Hi Guys,

I hope you can help me out to figure what I am doing wrong... I have the answer to the exercise and I don't get how I find something completely different.

The informations I have :

Sample mean X=19,1 / Sample SD S=6 / Sample Size N= 344
Population n= 5 800

Question: If population mean is 18,5 what is P(X(bar)>19,1)

If population mean is 18,5 than sample mean is the same.

Thus: P(X(bar)>19,1)=P(Z>(19,1-18,5)/6)=P(Z>0,1)
In my table Z=0,1 is P=0,54

Thus P(Z>0,1)= 0,46

But the answer I have is 0.0322...

Can you help me ? What is wrong in my calculations ?

Thanks a lot !!