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Hy,i`m only 3 days old in`s a new subject for me.but last day i got a project to complete(so quick!).The question is as follows:

Select a sample of 100 measurements from any population of your choice and write a report in the following format.
(a) Define the population of interest and the measurement of interest.
(b) Carefully describe how the sample was selected from the population.
(e) Construct a histogram.
(f) Comment on what the shape of the histogram tells you about the population.

I don`t know what sample to take which has measurements in it!The sample should be taken from the population randomly and not Stratified Sampling,
Cluster Sampling,Quota Sampling,Systematic Sampling..Sample of 100 seems am i goin to get it?I can do (e)&(f),but hav no clue on (a) and (b)..
Thanks for any help and comments..:D


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i can give you an example about question a) and b) then, i think, you will have some ideas.
i want to measure the average weight of my classmates.And there are 60 of them in all. Then the whole classmates is the population that i interest. And the weight is that measurement.
Thanks to sampling theory, i don't have to measure all 60 of them.Instead,i measure only some of them,for example,20 of them And then with this data,using some statistics method,i can get a conclusion of the average weight of them.
Sampling is the way to get some individuals from the population. In my i.e,i should use sampling to get the 20 classmates from my whole classmates.

random sampling is often implemented in this way:
1)label the individual of the population with a consecutive number.
2)get 20 numbers out of the whole can do this just like lottery.
3)match the lots with my classmates which are the ones i should measure their weights.

i am not a English speaking one,so it's quite hard to tell things clear.
Hope i can help.:)

i`m not english speaking either,but i understood what u said.Thanks:tup: ..In your case it`s 20,but for me i have to sample 100 out of a population, say 200 nd assign them consecutive numbers.Then with my calculator i have to generate random numbers from 1 to 100(incudin 1 and 100).And then note their measurements..