Sampling Method? Too many schools to sample


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I am part of a research team looking at the outcomes of a homework help program and would like to make a few suggestions of how to generate data.

I am thinking of using a sampling method, but am not certain which one (cluster, simple random?)


1. Students are attending a homework help program offered at a community center
2. These students come from 30 different schools: in some cases, schools send 1 or 2 students to the homework help, while others send 15 to 20
3. We need to get comparitive data from these schools to see if after X years, the students who have received homework help are performaning better than their non-participating peers.
4. we don't have the resources nor the time to contact 30 schools and get approval for student academic data from their 30 schools

I was thinking that a sampling method might be useful - but which one?

A cluster sample methose - where clustered are defined by
1. geographic area and/or
2. number of students from school participating in the program (so cluster those schools sending 1 or 2 student together, 5 to 10 etc..) but that doeasn't sound right.

OR a simple random sampling method - randomly select X schools (10 for example) to particpate in the analysis regardless of how many of their students are attending homework help.

OR a proportionate stratefication + simple random sample - stratefy the schools according to a range of students sent/attending program and then a simple random sample per strata (sample size of each strata would be proportinate to the strats's pop size).

Any suggestions (readings, articles, methods) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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