SAS University Edition won't let me upload a large file


I am doing a project for work with de-idenitifed secondary NHANES data. I have a .dat file and the SAS code for opening and labeling it. I know SAS and I understand exactly how to do it but I don't normally use SAS so I am using the University Edition...but the program won't let me upload the file because it is too large. ARGH! I just need to open it and export it to STATA or SPSS for my colleague. I am told that if I have a faculty member that there is a way to have them FTP the file somewhere for me to use but I don't have a faculty member. It's so frustrating! Does anyone have a workaround?



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What is the exact file extension at the end of the file (e.g., .sas7data or whatever it is typicallly)?

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I have a .dat file and the SAS code for opening and labeling it.
This might be possible:
1) Split the .dat into smaller pieces (ie partition the .dat into 3 smaller .dats), that can be uploaded to SAS. Let's say you make 3 pieces.

2a) Now maybe once it's in SAS working memory, you can combine the 3 pieces into one dataset (use the SET command in a data step). And then create a permanent SAS output file.

2b) If 2a does not work (SAS University Edition won't let you output a large file), then just output 3 pieces of SAS output files.

Question: Are you trying to output SAS files, then read SAS files into STATA?


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Yeah, I see - .dat

Piggybacking on MJ, would you use SAS if it could handle the dataset size? What is your ideal scenario?
Hello, thanks for your response. The person I am helping uses STATA. The original file is in .dat and there is an accompanying SAS file to use to read it in. I thought about converting the SAS code into SPSS or STATA code (from the SAS code I can tell how long each variable is so i should be able to do it) and reading it in with another program, and then exporting/saving to STATA but that's time consuming and this is a project that I am doing as a "favor." Here is a link to the files.

I like the idea of partitioning but I am not confident that I would do it properly.

To give you an idea of the files, here they are. I am concerned with lab2.dat

I was able to do it for the smaller files, just not this one.